Augustin Rosas Maxemin

Back in the early 2000's the founder of BactiDefense and his colleague from Stanford made a breakthrough in antimicrobial technology creating on molecular chain that bonded to surfaces and killed the cells of harmful microbes. With this patented technology, Augustin Rosas Maxemin harnessed the molecule in another patented formulation and brought us BactiDefense90 which was a major part of the fight against MERSA in 2011-2012 and treated major sports stadiums (Yankees, Heat, Patriots, Browns, Hawks, and more) and other institutions (museums, schools, U.S. military bases).

After achieving mission success in the fight against MERSA, Augustin knew he could improve on his formulation to make it even safer on the environment and over the next 7 years developed a green, water based formula that performed just as well as the previous oil based formulation.

During this time, in a developmental stage of growth and innovation, Augustin's goal was to find ways to protect people while not harming the environment or creating any unnecessary waste leading to Augustin and his team's development of Hand Defense in 2015.

How It Works | Dr. Kamau Kokayi | Used By Professionals
Hand Defense is a Revolutionary
Protective Skin Barrier

Hand Defense™ is an alcohol and fragrance-free long-lasting moisture barrier effective on 99.68% of most disease-causing viruses, germs and bacteria.

Enviromentally Friendly

Hand Defense uses no water or alcohol, harnesses the power of our patented molecule and is as green as it gets knowing how important our environment is to all of our stakeholders, the inhabitants of planet Earth.

Hand Defense™ is Approved by the FDA

Laboratory Testing shows that Hand Defense™ kills Human coronavirus 229E (HCoV-229E).
Microchem Laboratory did tests to Assess the Activity of Microbicides against Viruses in Suspension for Hand Defense™.
Study Conclusion:
Hand Defense™ demonstrated a 3.25 Log10 reduction in viral titer* (99.68%) at contact times of 60 seconds and 5 minutes.
* titer: The standard of strength of a volumetric test solution.

Proudly made in the USA